About Nekamo

NEKA Models - a childhood dream coming alive.

Ever since I was a small boy, Ive collected and built scalemodels of agricultural machinery. At the age of 10 I produced my very first piece of equipment out of wood. A potatoharvester from my own imagination, which fitted on my first Britains tractor.

My very first potatoharvester

As the years have gone by, the need for details and for the models to be more realistic, has certainly been raised. With my agricultural background, Im now able to create the smallest of details in the form of accessories as well as entire models. 

By starting NEKA Models Ive taken the leap and is with that trying to make my passion for models of agricultural machinery my way of living.

The vision is to create and produce models and accessories for the demanding collector.

Niels Erik Karstoft

Niels Erik Karstoft